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PRL's First Ever EU Tournament!
by scheistAug 12, 2016 06:23am

PRL's First Ever EU Tournament!

We are proud to announce our very first PRL 2v2 EU tournament ! Since we launched over a month ago, we've received request after request for an EU tournament, and we're finally ready to bring you one! Now is the perfect time to grab a partner and enter for a chance to win €100. Our stream will be jam packed with amazing casters, great matches, and fun times.


  • Format: 2v2
  • Prize Pool: $100 to first place team
  • Region: EU
  • Platforms: PC and PS4 (Xbox tournaments coming soon!)
  • Default game settings/EU Servers
  • Registration is open now!
  • Registration ends: Saturday Aug. 13, 4:00 PM BST
  • Tournament begins: Saturday Aug. 13, 5:00 PM BST
  • To sign-up, please visit this link: http://prorl.com/view-tournament.php?id=44
  • The tournament will be streamed here: http://www.twitch.tv/prorl
  • Join our Discord to stay updated: https://discord.me/prl
  • Make sure you read the FAQ thoroughly!


IMPORTANT: If you're signing up, please make sure to show up at the right time. Your team will be disqualified if you're late to the tournament!


What is PRL?

Pro Rivalry League is an organization dedicated to providing the highest quality Rocket League tournaments and streams. On a weekly basis, we provide multiple 2v2 tournaments and community events. PRL is built around a community first mindset. We’re here to have fun, and would love to have you come out and join in!


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