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Tournament Rules


EU Summer Showdown #3 Tournament Rules

Tournament Rules

These rules are currently a work in progress and may see some changes before the start of the tournament.


EU Tournament Rules


How do I Signup?   

  • Create an account over at play.prorl.com

  • Create a team for Battlerite   

  • Invite a partner to your team   

  • Hit the “Signup” button next to the tournament you’d like to participate in!   

Match Settings   

  • Match Type: Private   

  • Map: Decided by the teams during a pick/ban phase

  • Win Score: 5 (Best of 9 rounds)   

  • Round Time: 2 Minutes   

  • Team Size: 3v3   

  • Server: EU West (Note: You will have to set the server in your options. Located in Options -> Regions, check only EU West.)

  • All games will be first to 5 round wins, best of 1 maps up until the Grand Finals. The Grand Finals will be first to 5 round wins, best of 3 maps.

  • The bracket style will be Double Elimination. To be eliminated, a team must lose or be disqualified from two matches.

Note: If both teams have a more favorable server than EU West and mutually agree to change, you may bypass the default server. However, if all participants do not agree you will be defaulted to EU West.



Participation in the NA Summer Showdown disqualifies any competitor from participating in the EU Summer Showdown. Should any team have an active competitor from NA Summer Showdown on their roster it will be considered grounds for disqualification.


Map Ban Phase


The map ban phase takes place before the champion pick phase, and will be performed by both teams in the private lobby before the match start. The team seeded higher in the tournament standings bans first, then the opposing team. Teams will continue to ban back and forth until only one (1) map remains. If the match is a best of three (3) maps, teams will ban down until three (3) maps remain. After the “pool” of three (3) maps has been established, the lower seeded team will pick the first map to be played. Following the pick, team two chooses the second map, and the last map will be set for game three. We encourage screenshots of the process be taken before the first map start to assist in resolving any disputes regarding the map pick phase BEFORE playing the map as you will be unable to recover the chat logs after the map is played.


Champion Pick Phase


The champion pick phase takes place after the map ban phase and will be done in the private match lobby chat. A champion being selected by one team does not make the champ unavailable to the other. There is no champion ban phase. In a best of 3 maps format from the second map onward, the higher seeded team is considered to be whoever lost the last match.  The pick phase will proceed as follows:

Higher Seeded Team: Pick first (1st) champion
Lower Seeded Team: Pick first (1st) champion
Higher Seeded Team: Pick second (2nd) champion
Lower Seeded Team: Pick second (2nd) champion, then third (3rd) champion
Higher Seeded Team: Pick third (3rd) champion


We encourage screenshots of the process be taken before the first map start to assist in resolving any disputes regarding the champion pick phase BEFORE playing the first map as you will be unable to recover the chat logs after the map is played.




  1. You are free to change your team composition throughout a best of three (3) series. You are not limited to one composition per series.

  2. Substitutes: You must have your substitute on your team roster before the tournament begins, and we highly recommend you have a substitute on the occasion you need it. In addition to being on your roster, the substitute player must not be actively competing or have competed in the tournament on another roster. Should we discover that the substituting player is obscuring their identity in any way to circumvent this rule, the entire team will be subject to swift and immediate disqualification.

  3. Only Pro Rivalry League staff or approved spectators are allowed to spectate a match.

  4. We expect teams to conduct themselves professionally while in games both on and off stream.  Teams are here to compete and not to insult, attack, intentionally irritate, or present otherwise unsportsmanlike conduct as defined at the discretion of PRL staff.


Note: Though we have allowed a certain amount of discretion on the part of PRL administrators to make exceptions for the ease and integrity of competition, as of 6/29/2017 this will NO LONGER be the case. We urge players to pay close attention to the rules and follow them carefully, as any violations will be met with the unerring and impartial consequences as bestowed by the word of this document.



Disqualification (DQ) removes a team from the competition. This includes a forfeiture of all claims to prizes and rewards. A disqualification can occur for any reason named in this document thus far, in addition to the following reasons:


  • Non-attendance

  • Not checking in

  • Disqualification timer (see timed DQ rules)

  • Participation in multiple tournaments

  • Intentional delays of competition

  • Falsification of scores


Timed disqualification occurs when a team is absent a predetermined amount of time. These amount of time varies per round as shown below.


Round 1 and 2 (First tournament match, applies to matches generated in Round 2) - Minimum 10 minute wait, then 5 minute DQ warning.

Round 3+ - DQs should no longer be necessary, but will be handled by administrative staff in cooperation with participants.




Be sure to add our Discord: http://www.discord.gg/prl -- Our Moderators and Tournament Support staff will be more than willing to assist you with any issues you may have! Please have the same name on our website/Battlerite. This is to avoid confusion and help other players contact you if need be. You can navigate over to our FAQ page that will answer a vast majority of your questions: http://play.prorl.com/faq.php -- You must take screenshots with the results of a match. They will be required to solve any misreporting of scores. False reporting of scores and or cheating will result in bans from future tournament.




1st Place - $500

2nd Place - $300

3rd Place - $200

The top 3 teams will receive 3 Emperor Scorpion Mounts each!

We usually pay right after the tournament is over, but some special circumstances could delay this by up to a week.