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Team Game Admin # of Members
BattleWrong Battlerite jd014 2 View Team
N0L1F3L0S3R5 Battlerite Cab8ts 1 View Team
So Fresh Battlerite Rickter 3 View Team
African Raiding Party Battlerite Zubolo 1 View Team
Low Grade Meat Battlerite nedskiii 1 View Team
EU Plebs Battlerite Evexsan 2 View Team
Lagg is fun Battlerite sarzzin 1 View Team
TeamYellowMilk Battlerite Miiiii 2 View Team
TeamYellowBanana Battlerite Happyx 2 View Team
Masta Blastas Battlerite Sesh 2 View Team
Sam Squared Battlerite Mentalplanck 5 View Team
FreeTyler1 Battlerite BundaPump 2 View Team
3rd Floor Accounting Battlerite Phenus 1 View Team
Hardcore Casuals Battlerite Innocent_III 2 View Team
Cobra and the Turd Burglars Battlerite DarthBane 2 View Team