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Rival Esports? Where's PRL? Right Here!
by GloryforgeDec 5, 2017 04:51pm

Rival Esports? Where's PRL? Right Here!


PRL has come a long way since we first started in early April of 2016. With a LAN, two Rival Weeks, the Rocket League Rival Series, the Battlerite Summer Showdown, surpassing 10K twitter followers, and one million Twitch Visitors- we’ve exceeded every goal we set for ourselves at the beginning of this year. With that tremendous growth, PRL knew that we’d eventually have to adopt a new name that better captures who we as an organization are truly about.

Therefore, we proudly announce, Pro Rivalry League will now operate as Rival Esports.

Rest assured, Rival Esports will absolutely keep our community-focused mentality as the core tenet, around which, we operate. We will still hold the same tournaments, have the same staff and continue to grow alongside our great community. We’d personally like to thank every participant, viewer, and fan of esports. You’ve all held an instrumental part in our success, and we can’t wait to take on new, innovative productions for your entertainment.

Play On.

-Rival Esports Management

Discord: Rival Esports --- www.discord.gg/Rival
Twitch: RivalEsports --- https://www.twitch.tv/RivalEsports
Twitter: @RivalEsportsGG --- https://twitter.com/RivalEsportsGG
Website: RivalEsports.com

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