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Tournament Rules


PRL 3v3 $300 Rivals Cup #14 Tournament Rules

Tournament Rules

How do I Signup?   

  • Create an account over at play.prorl.com

  • Create a team for Battlerite       

  • Invite a partner to your team       

  • Hit the “Signup” button next to the tournament you’d like to participate in!   


Match Settings   

  • Match Type: Private       

  • Map: Decided by the teams during a pick/ban phase

  • Win Score: 5 (Best of 9 rounds)       

  • Round Time: 2 Minutes       

  • Team Size: 3v3   

  • Server: US East (Note: You will have to set the server in your options. Located in Options -> Regions, check only US East.

  • All games before Grand Finals will be first to 5 round wins on 1 map. Semi Finals will be first to 5 round wins, best of 3 maps. Grand Finals will also be first to 5 round wins, best of 3 maps.



1. You are free to change your team composition throughout a best of 3 series. You are not limited to one composition per series.

2. Substitutes: You must have your substitute on your team roster before the tournament begins. You may not use a substitute that is not on your team roster prior to tournament start.

3. No spectators are allowed (for streamed games, only PRL approved spectators are allowed).

4. We expect teams to conduct themselves professionally while in games both on and off stream. Teams are here to compete, not to insult, attack or present otherwise unsportsmanlike conduct.  



Disqualification (DQ) removes a team from the competition. This includes a forfeit of all claims to prizes and rewards. A disqualification can occur due to the following reasons: Non-attendance, not checking in, disqualification timer (see timed DQ rules), participation in multiple tournaments, intentional delays of the Pro Rivalry League competition, and falsification of scores. The aforementioned list of reasons is not comprehensive. Pro Rivalry League staff reserve the right to disqualify a team from the competition beyond the listed reasons.

Timed disqualification occurs when a team is absent a predetermined amount of time. These amount of time varies per round as shown below.


Round 1 - Minimum 10 minute wait, then 5 minute DQ warning.

Round 2 and 3 - Minimum 5 minute wait, then 5 minute DQ warning.

Round 4+ - DQs should no longer be necessary, but will be handled by administrative staff.



Be sure to add our Discord: http://www.discord.gg/prl -- Our Moderators and Tournament Support staff will be more than willing to assist you with any issues you may have! Please have the same name on our website/Battlerite. This is to avoid confusion and help other players contact you if need be. You can navigate over to our FAQ page that will answer a vast majority of your questions: http://play.prorl.com/faq.php -- You must take screenshots with the results of a match. They will be required to solve any misreporting of scores. False reporting of scores and or cheating will result in bans from future tournament.



1st Place - $210

2nd Place - $90

We usually pay right after the tournament is over, but some special circumstances could delay this by up to a week.