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Tournament Rules

PC/PS4 Rocket League

EU Rivals Cup #56 Tournament Rules

Tournament Rules

How do I Signup?   

  • Create an account over at rivalesports.com

  • Create a team for Rocket League       

  • Invite a partner to your team       

  • Hit the “Signup” button next to the tournament you’d like to participate in!

How do I play my matches?

  1. Click "Info" and find your team on the list       

  2. Click "Match Admin Schedule"       

  3. Use the chat log to decide who will host the game.       

  4. Update all the required details and accept. Both teams MUST accept match details.   

  5. Report scores. Both teams MUST report scores.   

Note: Please report the entire series score, not the goals scored of each individual game (e.g. Team A wins 2 games, so the reported score would be 2-0)


Disqualification (DQ) removes a team from the competition. This includes a forfeit of all claims to prizes and rewards. A disqualification can occur due to the following reasons: Non-attendance, not checking in, disqualification timer (see timed DQ rules), participation in multiple tournaments, intentional delays of the Rival Esports competition, and falsification of scores. The aforementioned list of reasons is not comprehensive. Rival Esports staff reserve the right to disqualify a team from the competition beyond the listed reasons.

Timed disqualification occurs when a team is absent a predetermined amount of time. These amount of time varies per round as shown below.

  • Round 1 - Minimum 10 minute wait, then 5 minute DQ warning.

  • Round 2 and 3 - Minimum 5 minute wait, then 5 minute DQ warning.

  • Round 4+ - DQs should no longer be necessary, but will be handled by administrative staff.


Game Rules:   

  • Please visit our Community Discord for any immediate tournament support issues: https://discord.gg/rival

  • All tournaments are held on a first come basis. When maximum teams are reached, no further slots will be added. Be sure to sign up early!   

  • Checkins are done on a “Per Match” basis. Each game will have 5 minutes of leeway before RIVAL's disqualification rules apply.   

  • If your opponents have not responded to you within the 5 minute grace period, please contact a RIVAL Moderator on Discord. After the Moderators contact them, the other team has 5 minutes to respond before being disqualified.   

  • Games will be played in a Best of 3 series in all matches before the semi finals and grand finals which are Best of 5. Once the game has concluded, please submit the accurate series score on your match schedule. Be sure to take multiple screenshots in the case of match/score disputes.   

  • Teams may have only 1 substitute player in their roster for a tournament (the substitute must be registered on the team prior to tournament start).   

  • Substitutions may only occur outside of "Best of" series. Teams must participate with their starting roster for the entirety of the series.   

  • All games will be played on EU servers unless both teams pre-arrange and agree on a different server. Please use the tournament match chat to arrange a different server region.   

  • If you are experiencing severe unplayable lag/ping, please take screenshots to provide as much proof as possible before restarting a match. Without screenshots, the RIVAL staff may not be able to assist you in the case of a dispute. Note: If 1 minute of game time has passed or 2 goals scored, the match may not be remade. Please leave with ample proof of the lag beforehand.   

  • If your teammate(s) disconnect halfway through a match after 1 minute or 2 goals, you must continue playing. Teammates may rejoin the match but the match must continue. A match may be held once per series maximum due to technical issues or disconnects. This hold must last no longer than 5 minutes. If the hold lasts more than 5 minutes or a teammate is not present for the next game, you will be disqualified.   

  • No spectators are allowed (for streamed games, only RIVAL approved spectators are allowed).   

  • You are required to field a full team in all RIVAL tournament matches. We do not allow 1v2, 2v3, etc. Inability to field a full team for a tournament match will result in disqualification.   


  • Games streamed will be chosen by RIVAL Managers. Please do not ask for your game to be streamed.   

  • If a RIVAL Moderator or Manager contacts you for your game to be streamed, please follow their instructions.   

  • While being streamed, please stay on the color instructed to you for the entirety of the series.   

  • Be mindful of the viewers while being streamed. Don't do or say anything that you'll regret. We expect a basic level of decency when you are being streamed. Do not swear, and do not act "toxic."In addition we ask that you do not "rage quit" from games on stream. We're here to have fun and enjoy competition. If you break this rule, the RIVAL Staff reserve the right to prevent you from registering for any future RIVAL tournaments.   

  • For EU games, all games will be played on EU for optimum stream quality.   

Prize Distribution:      

  • The entire $150 prize goes to the first place team. RIVAL usually pays out the same week, but certain circumstances could delay this by up to a month.  

Game Mode: Soccar

Arena: DFH Stadium

Server: EU (Default)

Team Size: 3v3

Mutators: None

Default settings

Note: A different arena/server may be used but it must be agreed upon by both teams. Use the tournament match chat system to discuss the use of a different arena/server.